Things With Which We Can Help

“We are very grateful to you for helping her get to this point and for your continuing support. You have had a significant and positive impact on her wellbeing and it is so encouraging to see her turning into the person that she was always meant to be.”

Parents of a 15-year-old with social anxiety & low self-esteem

We can help with…

Pre-school problems

Children within this 0-5 year age range often develop difficulties with….

…sleeping, eating, temper tantrums and toileting. Although these are very “everyday” type difficulties, the anxiety, disruption and distress they can cause is often enormous – both to the child him or herself but perhaps even more so, to the child’s parents. These difficulties usually respond extremely well to a brief clinical psychology intervention.

School age problems

Once children have started at school...

…problems such as school refusal and school phobia can sometimes develop. Other anxiety difficulties can also emerge and sometimes within this age range, obsessive-compulsive type symptoms can be a cause for concern. Friendship and peer relationship problems sometimes develop and behavioural compliance difficulties may also be present. In the case of all such difficulties, here at The Psychology Practice, following a thorough assessment, appropriate clinical psychology intervention tailored to the needs of the individual child and his/her family (and including liaison with school, when appropriate) regularly yields very positive improvements and a speedy return to “normal” life.

Adolescent problems

Adolescence is typically a stormy time...

…and to some extent, psychological “ups and downs” form a normal part of this developmental stage. At times, however, this pattern can become more extreme, with behaviours, emotions and moods that are distressing and worrying for the young people themselves and for their parents, families and friends.  

Within this age group, for example, problems with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive type behaviours, self-esteem difficulties and peer relationship problems all occur with some frequency. In almost all cases, the clinical psychology assessment and individually tailored intervention offered at The Psychology Practice, including individual therapy such as cognitive-behavioural therapy and family based inputs, yields significant positive change, often over a relatively short period of time.

Within this age group, however, it is also the case that more serious conditions can develop, including deliberate and dangerous self harm, suicide attempts, substance abuse and serious eating disorders. In these cases, clinical psychology input is most appropriately and most effectively offered as part of a team or multi-disciplinary approach. The service at The Psychology Pracice only offers input to such teenagers when a multi-disciplinary approach, including if needed, psychiatric input, can be organised.


Bereavement is of course a normal part of life...

…but for a child bereaved of a parent, sibling or other close relative, the world can suddenly feel far from normal. Clinical psychology input, offered to the child him or herself and /or to family and friends caring for that child can help promote a healthy resolution of grief and a gradual resumption of “normal” life.

In situations where a death is anticipated, Dr Krasner and her associates can also work with families, helping children to prepare for their loss.

Marital separation / divorce and its effect on children

All children, regardless of their ages, are likely to be affected in some way...

…by their parents’ decisions to separate or divorce. The Psychology Practice offers a specialist service “Children in Mind” targeting this group of children. “Children in Mind” is a dedicated service for parents who wish to seek consultation regarding how they might best communicate with their children regarding their separation and how to manage this process whilst being mindful of their children’s developmental and psychological needs at this time. This service is provided for parent(s) attending without their children. In addition, at The Psychology Practice, assessment and psychotherapeutic intervention is offered to those children and teenagers struggling either immediately or in the longer term with their parents’ separation/divorce.

Understanding and managing attention deficit, hyperactivity and concentration disorders

Children with this range of difficulties are often extremely challenging to manage...

…both at home and at school. Based on a thorough individual and family assessment, clinical psychology input at The Psychology Practice can give parents and the children themselves access to a variety of interventions  designed to  help with behaviour,  focusing  and concentration (both with or without prescribed medication) and ultimately, to enable children to maintain control themselves over their behaviour, concentration and activity levels.

Understanding and managing children with autism spectrum disorders

Throughout their development, and indeed, into adulthood...

…children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) can develop extremely challenging emotional and behavioural difficulties. These can include intransigent and inappropriate rituals, difficulties with changes in routine, aggression, depression, anxieties and children’s struggles with understanding their own difficulties. Clinical psychology input here at The Psychology Practice can provide expert interventions for children with ASD and their families.  Dr Krasner and her Associates’ work in this area is based on over 20 years of expertise, and includes not only work with children and families but also the provision of expert consultancy for schools, special schools and colleges.

Developmental difficulties, Complex neurodevelopmental disorders and Disabilities and Special Needs

Throughout childhood and adolescence, developmental difficulties...

…and special needs of any kind can make for a more stressful life, both for the child concerned and for parents. This can lead to behavioural problems, additional anxieties and sometimes to depression too, as the child concerned becomes aware of the discrepancies between his/her abilities and those of peers and siblings.

Here at The Psychology Practice we offer a specialist and dedicated service to address the complex psychological needs of children with special needs and their families. This includes:

  • Understanding and managing attention deficit, hyperactivity and concentration disorders
  • Understanding and managing children with autism spectrum disorders

Adult psychological problems

Our clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors can help...

…with a range of adult psychological difficulties including: anxiety and phobias; OCD; low mood and depression; marital / relationship problems; bereavement, loss and grief; work-place stress and employment issues.

If you do not recognise your concern or issue above, do contact us and we can discuss how we may help you.

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