Approaches We Use

Approaches we use include:

Behaviour Therapy

Behavioural approaches seek to change and shape a child’s behaviour in order to effect improvement. With young children, for example, behavioural approaches are often used to target sleep problems, tantrums, toileting difficulties, etc. Behavioural approaches are often used too for anxiety difficulties such as phobias.

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) seeks to effect improvement by changing the ways in which we think and behave, gradually replacing maladaptive thoughts and behaviours with adaptive, positive alternatives.

Schools Psychological Well-Being Services

TPP has developed a schools’ psychological well-being service (WBS), to foster and support adolescents’ psychological health. We are delighted to be the provider of the St Helen’s School Northwood Psychological Well-Being Service.

This bespoke service is designed to foster students’ swift return to positive psychological well-being and to prevent problems escalating into more serious mental health issues.

Psychotherapy and Counselling 

Psychodynamic therapies and counselling offer a more reflective approach to treatment, wherein the clinical psychologist will help the child/family to be aware of and gain insight into and understanding of the emotions being experienced. Through such increased awareness and understanding, the child, adolescent or parent is helped to resolve the difficulties they are experiencing. Bereavement / grief therapy, for example, with children and their families is often based on this therapeutic approach.

“…words will never express my appreciation and gratitude for how you have helped us both. I realise the next couple of weeks/ months will bring a new chapter but whatever happens I am confident that [anon] is in a good place and will be able to give it her best.  We shall keep you posted on events – in the meantime thank you again for all that you have done, you are truly inspirational, and we will always be grateful.”

Mother of 18-year-old with severe social anxiety

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