Making an Appointment and Costs

Patients come to The Psychology Practice via a variety of referral routes. Many are referred by another health care or educational professional and we also welcome families who refer themselves independently. Prior to making an appointment, all parents are welcome to contact Dr Krasner for an informal discussion.

Professional Referral

Many of the children, adolescents, young adults and their families seeking help from Dr Krasner and her Associates at The Psychology Practice do so on the recommendation and referral of another health or education practitioner. This can include:

• General Practitioner (GP) or family doctor.

• Paediatrician.

• Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist.

• Other medical specialist or consultant.

• Speech & Language Therapist, Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.

• Head Teacher.

• Educational Psychologist.

Please note that most health insurance companies require a GP referral (and some require a child psychiatric referral) in order to authorise a claim for clinical psychology assessment and treatment. Please check with your health insurers.

Independent Referral / Making an appointment yourself

Here at The Psychology Practice we are happy to accept referrals made by patients themselves or, in the case of children and teenagers, their parents. Parents are also very welcome to self-refer for parenting help.

Self and independently referring patients should be aware however that they may not be able to utilise their health insurance without a professional referral as specified by their health insurance company.

For your overall welfare, whether you are consulting at The Psychology Practice via a professional or an independent referral, it is normal practice for Dr Krasner and her Associates to inform your G.P and /or referring specialist that you are consulting at The Psychology Practice and to send him/her a brief summary of the assessment and treatment of you or your child. If you do not wish your clinician to do this, please discuss this at your first appointment.

Costs and How to Pay

Patients may be funded independently or via health insurance.

Fees are available on request. Please contact The Psychology Practice directly on 01923 729872.

You will be invoiced by email or post after each appointment.

If you intend to pursue reimbursement from your health insurer please check all policy details and claim arrangements. Note that these may include specific requirements (such as a General Practitioner’s or specialist’s referral letter) prior to commencing assessment or treatment consultations in order to validate your claim. Invoices may then be forwarded to your health insurers for settlement directly with The Psychology Practice Please ensure that you include relevant membership details and claim authorisation number(s) with all forwarded invoices. Alternatively, if you prefer to settle invoices personally, receipt(s) will be issued to enable you to seek reimbursement from your health insurer.

Patients paying privately may pay by internet / telephone bank transfer or by cheque. Receipt(s) will be issued upon request. Regretfully, credit and /or debit cards are not accepted.

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